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Our Services

We provide comprehensive financial solutions for your financial planning needs.

At William Howard, we help clients achieve their financial goals. Working with our professionals, clients achieve the goals they set through a proven and planned strategy that emphasizes commitment, education, evaluation, monitoring, and success. William Howard makes this possible by developing a relationship of trust and learning—guiding clients into a secure financial future.
Financial Advisory Services
At William Howard, we offer custom financial solutions. These include comprehensive financial plans, single purpose financial plans, consultation planning, and annual retainer agreements. Such an agreement allows our clients to consult our professionals with questions, observations, and alterations to their plan. (We make it easy and we make you the focus of the process.)
Our personalized financial plans include an in-depth analysis to review, evaluate, and recommend alternatives to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Depending on the goals of our clients, William Howard creates customized plans covering the areas of insurance, investment, income tax, education, retirement, and estates.  
Financial planning at William Howard follows a simple, structured process:
  • Gather Data
  • Identify Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Problems
  • Prepare Plan and Recommendations
  • Implement Plan
  • Monitor Plan and Review Periodically
Investment Advisory Services
The  investment advisory process at William Howard follows an academic-based, client-centered approach designed to assist our clients in meeting their investment objectives while mitigating risk. All portfolios are customized to reflect the unique financial situation and personal risk tolerance of our clients. Our philosophy is grounded on the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory.
Modern Portfolio Theory guides the advisory process at William Howard. Asset class selection—how assets are allocated—is the dominant factor in determining total portfolio return. We believe a long-term, diversified asset allocation strategy is the best method for clients to achieve their financial goals. The design and management process for our customized portfolios is completed in-house and in consultation with our clients. Charles Schwab acts as the primary custodian of our client assets.
Investment advising at William Howard follows a client-centered, strategic process:
  • Develop a Written Investment Policy 
  • Analyze Current Investment Portfolio
  • Design an Optimal Portfolio
  • Implement Investment Policy 
  • Monitor and Supervise (the Portfolio)
  • Rebalance the Portfolio

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